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Reviews for "(EDJ) HardBass"


This is a weird song man...
Cool.. but weird.
I like the melody alot.. not a huge fan of the intro.. The snares arent great too. Try using another type of snare, in stead of the very noizy ones..
now.. The good parts
1 I love that melody
2 i love that melody
REally hardn stuff. The rides arent great too beyond that the drums are good..
The bass is a bit to high on scale, could be one octave lower..
I liked this, but there are things you can work on..

I personally think that u arent putting enough effort in your songs.. No offense. But 1st of all. u make m fast like hell..x) And they are good. but not the best. I like your style.
Try working on the transitions a little bit and add wooshes special fx and stuff..

I liked it.. but not that much..
sorry if im a jurk. cant help it. this is just what i think... No offense of course..



EnkoreDJ responds:

the snare is mastered. the ride is mastered. so is the hat. the fx sound like shit in hard dance. it took me 4 weeks to make this =/ .
lol and jurk is spelt jerk :P
thx for the review though, im not going to be really working on this anymore though xD

ZOMG D()()D!

this is like legit mastering, it makes it sound so pro!
i see ur doing awesome! great job on the song, im going to download and fav this!

5/5 - 4.53 / 5.00 (+ 0.033)

p.s. thanks for putting me on ur list. XD!

EnkoreDJ responds:

np for the list, you had to be on it :P
and thx :D :D

Man nice!

I Liked this one alot, but it didnt sounded like hardbass?
btw WHO CARES?!? hehe

Nice song song dude!

Keep up the good work =D

5/5 --- 10/10


EnkoreDJ responds:

lol thx :D :D

Can I have some Awesome-sauce with that?

This song is sick, Hardbass indeed :P

The bassline and the melody was awesome, and the drumbreat was kicking aswell :D You've done a great job on the mastering and you should be proud.
The only thing that was bad: It was kinda short :D
But I enjoyed it alot, and it was intense :D

Yay, im in the author comment ^^

+fav ^^

keep it up Enkore! :D

EnkoreDJ responds:

thx :D :D

Not bad but...

There are a few things you could have done better.

1) The kick wasn't hard enough IMO
2) Before you brought in the main melody filter, you should have given a short pause (4 bars)
3) The snare should have been a clap
4) Don't use the standard FL vox, everybody's heard it lol
5) The song itself get's a little repetitive. What I suggest is fading out to a piano "solo" or putting on top of the regular melody the same melody only an octave up. It just keeps people's attention easier.
6) The ending was a little generic

All the criticism aside, I did like the song. Your next song will probably kick ass!!!

Good luck with your next track!


EnkoreDJ responds:

lol , thx :)
this critism is great and it isnt standard vox. its actually from VEC2 :P
im going to work on improving what you said here in the post :)