Reviews for "Poninjas Episode 6.5"

OMFG LOL!!1 Poninjas pwns all!!!1

Hey, thanks for making this funny little episode. I've seen all the Poninjas episodes and most of the tributes I think. I'm really looking forward to Ep.7!

A hearty affair.

I liked, your movie, but why is the rum gone?

that was awesome

hahaha that was wicked. i laughed my ass off when i saw that "but why is the rum gone"

and what do u mean no more pirates???????????????????????????????????????????????

Laughed my A$$ off funny

I seriously SERIOUSLY Loved this flash There are two things I have grown to like Poninjas and the Movie Pirates otC. and you just mixed them into such a beatuiful thing. The sound was perfectly matched and the graphics were intense but the very ending was just histarical for me. Great job :)

Hey please write BACK =P

Have you looked back at Your first poninja BETA thing... You got alot better man!