Reviews for "Poninjas Episode 6.5"


dude the series is awsome and i love it the only thing that sucks about this episode is that there was no halo refrence and dude when id number 7 going to come out i mean i hate to pry and complain but this came out in 2004 and its now 07 going on 08 when is 7 going to come out?!?!

another great flash

really good "but why is the rum gone?" why is the rum always gone indeed, but no halo refence in this one

the ending is funny

dude that was funny at the end "but why is the rum gone?" *smack* lol can wait till 7 oh and love the series.

WTF?! die!! lol man

i never had a better laugh in long time thanks for making poninjas!


dat wss weird spec wit da mostr still cool ANGRY MOUSE 14 RULES NG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!