Reviews for "Poninjas Episode 6.5"

that was great

cant wait till 7 next comes out. I love your other work too. Kepp it up bro!


pirate ninjas: the best idea ever.


Seriously.... why is the rum gone?
Dude, screw ninjas, it's all about pirates. C'mon, you know ninjas will get you nowhere, but pirates are all about recognition for talent and, uh.... anti-ninja-ing o.o
in short, PIRATES!!!

that was awesome

hahaha that was wicked. i laughed my ass off when i saw that "but why is the rum gone"

and what do u mean no more pirates???????????????????????????????????????????????


hahaha i love your work in Poninjas.

Translation: WTF?!!!!! DIE!!?!! LOL1!??!!

'Bout laughed my britches off maitee!! Can't wait for 7, argh.