Reviews for "Poninjas Episode 6.5"


lmao. another hilarious poninjas episode. i love thr guy with the bomb on his head, the seamonster, and the rum reference. i also like the fact that the cannon balls fall like, a meter from the ship who shot them, totally inifective warfare there :P

Very funny!

Obviously, youre a fan of pirates of the caribbean! I like that movie too. The guy with the bomb was funny:"yarr, ive got a BOMB strapped to me head" and the sea monster was so random. THe ending was funny too:"But why is the RUM gone?" That is my favorite part of that movie.


Heres wuddi think. I'm usually very harsh on people who suck and rarely give out 9's so you should be happy (im a tuff critict)

Graphics: cool i like how it;s not always a bloody mess behind and how they disapear.Pretty good but some things are wierd.

Style: I LUV YOUR STYLE!!! i'd marry it (no i wouldn't...o.k. maybe) i always like when sum 1 uses there imagination and creates the own character's insted of using krinkels or sum 1 elses. i don't no why people think this is a madness rip off it's nuthn like it.

Sound: sum good music but sum that doesn't fit the sceen. but u weren't lazy and added in sound's like daggers clashing so on.

violence: screw it ill give u a ten.

Humour: it was funny but not to funny

Overall 9 which is reallllly good 4 me though stop with the halo. Also most eps are wayyyyyyy to short make them longer. Note im reviewing you whole series not just this one i wanted to pick the latest one to do this on.

Yar i got a bomb strapped to my head

Lol! best poninjas episode eva! make more

"but why is the rum gone?"