Reviews for "Half_life Flash BETA"


Had me laughing. Needs to be finished tho =\


learn how to draw

A bit sketchy

I've played some great games similar to this one, but this one lacks a lot of things. Firstly, a storyline. I like to know what my goal is as I play. Second, better graphics, those were absolutly horrible. Third, if you going to make those types of games, at least give the player choices what to do. Aside from the scientist with the crab on his head part, there wasn't really any like that. If I were you, go back and try it again because this isn't that good at all. I can't believe a Half-Life fan would make something as bogus as this.

okey dokey

soo im runnin along (i guess) and this brown pile of caca with orange stumps for legs runs at me so i guess i crowbar it????? and then it takes a piss on the floor WHERES THE MOP!!!!!!!

Kinda fun

Doesn't look perfect, but its fun while it lasts!

The sound was good, you used the FX from the original half-life.