Reviews for "Half_life Flash BETA"


umm... that was uhh... WTF?!


man, why did you even waste your time

Ash-link responds:

man, you wasted YOUR time to play this if you thought it was this bad.

That was so crappy that I loved it!

You probably worked really hard on this to be the best game ever known to man... But all you really did is made me laugh my head off... there should be more games like this on Newgrounds!!
Do more spoofs on popular games!!!

Ash-link responds:

lmfao thanks.


It was good until....

WTF!?! You got bored? So you turn it in unfinished!

Should have just waited and finished it. So what if it takes a long time.

Ash-link responds:

Well, I ran out of ideas for gameplay I tried where you shoot sombies but I cannot make it. BTW, the failed attempt will be in the ALPHA deleted scenes

good efoort

that game was funny because I was expecting something different.... but yeah too bad you didnt' finish.