Reviews for "Half_life Flash BETA"

hi im evil!

headshot that was nice but the guard did hide and then he died...thaz weird

lol :D

Can't wait until version 2 comes out, fucking funny shit as hell :)

Ash-link responds:

A Version 2 is out, but not THE version 2. Check out the revamped gfx for now and stay tuned! :D

Good, but

you made 3 mistakes: 1. Gordon can't talk. 2. Gordon never hides. 3. These scenes in which you see how the screen moves along the way can be really annoying. But it was funny anyways. I laughed many times :)


Well, this game has potential, you just have to keep working on it. People, it is only a beta, and is obviouslu nowhere close to being finished.


It's a freakin demo!!!!! it'l be nothin like this in the real version!!!!!!!!!!