Reviews for "Doomed"

Pretty damn good

Fun game, very well put together, good graphics (impressively not ripped from another game, I think) and the sound effects were great too. Could use a 'direction' though, like a boss or something (the tanks were cool), something to prevent getting bored. And a save function, for the sequel.

Otherwise a nice game.

Hard to control

It is better to have enabled it to play only keyboard operation.

Thats a fun little addictive game.

I like it alot. It is not too easy and it is not too hard. Plus you can upgrade.


this game kicks ass!! one of the best games i'v played on ng


nice game.
i could play this for hours, if i didnt have things to do. ^_-

shit. this goes right into my favorites. ive been waitin for a long time to find another addicting game like this on newgrounds:)