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Reviews for "Wink: Insatiable Appetite"


I'd love to see you make a versatile flash game with all the different games he was playing in this! that would rock!

1 week!? NO WAI!!

The fact that you did this in one week amazes me. You're animation style is wicked fresh, and the music dustball composed in one week is also excellent. Stand proud, cuz you rock! :)

Wow guys..

Man, you 2 never cease to entertain, amaze, and just intrigue me. You guys rock, keep it up. Yeah, and anyone who is wondering about the 10 for interactivity, there's a cool game for the preloader. =D

lol Nothing gets in the way of my games.

I like how you use the different game genres in the flash. Very cool.

Really great.

You do great work. I really enjoy all the Wink stuff. Thanks.