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Reviews for "Wink: Insatiable Appetite"

ah what the heck ill give it a ten

i loved this. its is funny. especially the game part with the hooded guys from love,wink. and i like that the flower from love,wink was in there too. gel is asome and the flash has the best style of all the wink movies. note:movies for i haven't play'd the game. it is loading.

I Like

No i dont like it I LOVE IT it GREAT!!!


i liked it

The best Wink movie so far!

I like this movie.

Graphics: 10 nothing to complain about
Style: 10 minus 1 point because the beat 'em up scene was from the 10 second showcase.
Sound: 10 also nothing to complain about.
Violence: 4 Some shooter elements but without blood.
Interactivity: 1 for the Play and Replay button and 1 for the bar where you can choose the point of the movie.
Humor: it amde laugh when Wink was playing a handheld in bed. :)

When will the next Wink MOVIE come out?


so smooth...
u shud make dat fightin game dat wuz kul!
ive never played a better preloader either