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Reviews for "Wink: Insatiable Appetite"


the end was funny


wink is a great character i love how the flashes he stars in start out all badass but then they have hilarious endings

Nicely done...

Good animation, matching music, less in creativity...But don't get me wrong...I liked your video...Only, it was kind of short and a little boring.. A LITTLE TAKE NOTE!! Anyway.... There are other things you have done that are better than this...In the future or in the past... Keep on going!


really cool video with great images...she should be glad he isnt doing something worse like jerking off under the covers.


wow...wink's almost as obsessed about violent video games as i am...

anyway, it was pretty good, original style, good graphics. i'd like to see a game version of this where you play in the video game.