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Reviews for "Wink: Insatiable Appetite"

Purdy good!

I liked these animations & games,plz make moar!


we should make a movie where, that girl wink has a crush on yeth, and yeths crush gets mad, also wink gets mad too, ciao


thats kick ass u can move the torch wink aint gonna get some in a long time if he keeps it up

you did not say there was a glitch

we can move the torch by clicking on it when wink play xbox

gel responds:

They're easter eggs, and there are a ton of them in this movie. I'm not even sure why I made so many, but who doesn't like easter eggs, right? Oh man, I made this over 5 years ago.


Wow , but what is the console? A PS2?

gel responds:

Nope, it's the Dreamcast! What a great system.