Reviews for "{425} Invincible"

Sorry I didn't comment sooner!

Yeah, I know I gave all your songs tens, but this one deserves a 20! It has that really nice 'happy techno' feel if you know what I mean...Sweeeeeeeet as!

Michael425 responds:

thanks for the review man.

Yo I know you will read it

So i gave a boring 10. It means I like it right. I simply follow society. Seriously though, It is a nice classic with few bells. It does not have enough beat to be top score but I guess it is darn hard to make one like that so I can t complain. Now something nice to say, I am downloading it now on my mp3. It means this melody will stay there forever since I am too lazy to delete anything.

Michael425 responds:

Yep i'm reading this.

Thank you for putting it on your MP3 player sir.

and Thanks for the Review.

kinda..cool and simple..

cool and simple at the same time pretty cool 5/5..
weee respect...

Michael425 responds:

thanks for the respect, and your review.

good ending

this sounds like one of those happy ending songs. gives you a warm feeling in your heart. ^-^

Michael425 responds:

haha yes it does.

thank you for the review.

godly XD

you dont dissapoint man...great job and like i said b4....more stuff like this and youll be one of the best of the best ^_^

Michael425 responds:

haha, I'll try to keep these songs coming.

Thanks for listening man.