Reviews for "{425} Invincible"

Great =)

Love the opening, reminds me much of the classic trance songs here on NG made by Kriz/F-777 etc etc =) And believe me thats a good thing. I do think you dragged it to a new lvl with the scratching and the more "classical" inspired touches here and there.

Lots of good sub melodies, well made and the piano thingy part around 1:10 was really nice. I would say this song is the best you ever made =) Well done ^_^

Cool automations, i hear you played around ALOT more than usual on this one. Which is important, the fun thing is to always learn something new right? =) I liked the melody that came in at around 02:00 - very good =)

I liked the intro, very good cello/violin action going on right there, and thats the "classical" feel im talking about. You can really hear in this how talented you are. Very complex and VERY original song.

I do hear some VEC1/2 fills in there, but yeah its always allowed to try out stuff like that once or twice. But i highly recommend you make your own fills and stuff. A great way to do it is to insert a fruity slicer and put a breakbeat loop ontop of that. Then you can make your very own drum rythms with ace sounds instead of starting from scratch with assmunching sounds or yeh like you did here, get a VEC fill and throw it in. It fits but you can get more your "own" sound and you can really custom your songs alot more =)

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4.12 / 5.00 (+ 0.058)


Great work on this one man, definatly worth a listen =)

Thank you for your time.

-[ BeatSource ]-

*Btw i just released a couple more songs and i saw that you had listened to every one of them, much appreciated man. Im very glad you like my music so much =) And dude, if you find the time some day your opinion written in form of either a review/comment/PM would be awesome. Tips and critisism is always fun to get from other talented artists =)*

Michael425 responds:

Haha, wow, thanks for all this feedback man. It's great.

That cello during the intro is actually me playing, I'm glad you noticed it.
I worked pretty hard on this one. I used some automations to make it all flow better.

I will definitely work on making my own fills for my next song. Haha, Just wanted to use a VEC fill once to see if anyone would notice.

I will keep on checking out your songs.

Thanks for the great review man.


No doubt, you got skillz.

Michael425 responds:

thanks man.



Michael425 responds:


cool dude!

Your stuff is so unique, this is a very original peice!

I like the effects you have in here, great stuff! keep up the good work! - Cobra151

Michael425 responds:

Thanks man, that's what I'm going for. Originality.

I will keep em coming.

dude. you rock

5 and 10 bro. i love it.

Michael425 responds:

Thanks man.