Reviews for "{425} Invincible"

its good

i like the structure and the some of the sounds used, but i think the layers are a bit contrasting at times.

i think the parts where there are only one or two parts playing are the best.

nice work

Michael425 responds:

Yeah, my songs can get a bit crazy sometimes. I should work on making them more simple.

Thanks for the review.


Sounds like "Love in This Club" by Usher at times, but I'd take this over the other any day!
The transition to slow is great but could be better.

Michael425 responds:

haha thanks man. Glad you liked it.


Hey i think this sounds like some song. Usher?

Michael425 responds:

Yeah, i guess it sort of does.


its good but too long for me

Michael425 responds:

you really think it's too long?

that's funny because most people think my songs are too short.

nice one!

Pretty cool, I liked it. Sounds different than other songs.
But guess what? First thing that I thought in the first few seconds listening was: Hey it would be cool if he could do this cello thing on his own, and not in some program. You could try to put some more passion in you play.. ;)

(Okay, I mean, it´s a "techno song". You can´t really play with passion there, so ehm, no - for this... It´s just a little TOOOO crazy... ;) )

Michael425 responds:

Yeah, I will try to play with some more passion if I use the cello in my next songs.

Thanks for your review.