Reviews for "{425} Invincible"

cool dude!

Your stuff is so unique, this is a very original peice!

I like the effects you have in here, great stuff! keep up the good work! - Cobra151

Michael425 responds:

Thanks man, that's what I'm going for. Originality.

I will keep em coming.


cool man, sounds good. Like the classic tones in the techno. To bad its only takes 2.37 min. instead of 3.30

Michael425 responds:

I will work on making my songs long.

Thanks for the review man.

another good one

thanks for the heads up via PM, and I've gotta agree with some others that it does sound like love in this club a bit but its great all the same, keep it up.

Michael425 responds:

No problem man.

Haha i guess it the bass does kind of sound like that song.

No really sure. Thanks for the review though.

Hurrah for live recordings!

I'm always a fan of live recordings!
I like the cello. Although I think you could have added a reverb effect to it after you imported it into FL. That and I would've loved to have heard more cello throughout the song. :D
Great job!

-HFX ^_^

Michael425 responds:

Yeah, live recordings are fun and easy.

I might make an orchestral song soon with more live cello in it.

Thanks for the review. Glad you liked it.

Lol, yeah...

Nice song, but it does sound like Love in this Club by Usher a little bit. 9/10 5/5

Michael425 responds:

Haha, i guess so. Thanks for the review man.