Reviews for "{425} Invincible"


a happy hardcore tune, but one thing, that cello sounds alot familiar tell the truth! it sounds like a synthasieser or lol how do you spell it sound

Michael425 responds:

haha does it really sound like that. That's weird since I recorded it right off of my cello. i dunno.

Glad you liked it. Thanks for the review.

Another great song

The intro, sounded great, like it was prepping for the final moment, and it did, another good song, can't say theres anything to improve it's the best.

Michael425 responds:

Thanks man. I'm glad you liked this one too.

Thanks for the review.

awesome work

its awesome i liked intro alot. All of ur songs are cool and special. Keep up with awesome work

Michael425 responds:

Thanks man, I will keep the tunes coming.


Great job on the intro mate, Im not really one for the kinda melody in the song but the intro was cool.

Michael425 responds:

Thanks for the review man.


Nice work with your cello, dude! I loved all the parts in this awesome song. Nothing to improve here. Another great work, Michael! 10/10 5/5

Michael425 responds:

Im glad you liked the Cello man.

Thanks for the review Hacsev.