Reviews for "{425} Invincible"

Beautiful And Uppidy

Hehe I think the cello is what did it for me. Lol. Very nice and pretty and upbeat, like something a chibi child would skip through the park while listening to on a sunny day. ^^ I'm impressed that you played an instrument to put into your song, as not many people do that with techno; usually it's all synthisized. I love it. :)

Michael425 responds:

Although they may not be huge, I try to add little things to my songs that make them stand out from the rest. I'm glad you liked the cello. Thanks for the great review.


Good work!

great cello, great beats, just a great song in general. keep it up

Michael425 responds:


I'll try to keep the songs coming.

godly XD

you dont dissapoint man...great job and like i said b4....more stuff like this and youll be one of the best of the best ^_^

Michael425 responds:

haha, I'll try to keep these songs coming.

Thanks for listening man.

impressive man.

im impressed, the cello's one of my favorite instruments. Anyways great work, nice little up beat tune, also all the recordings have pretty good quality.

Michael425 responds:

thanks man.

Just one word: :D

This day is just full of happy techno songs! and yours is just amazing. i don't know what a cello is but since the "baseline" word just blew it away, and you are so good on that instrument! i'm sorry if that wasn't the best thing to say but honestly i really don't know what a cello is. but it's still pretty amazing that you managed to make a good song using the instrument you are playing! more happy techno songs!! :D

Michael425 responds:

you should check it out on Google man. the cello is my favorite instrument.

I'm glad you liked this song. I have more coming soon.

Thanks for the review.