Reviews for "{425} Invincible"


Cello was a fucking PLUS!! Very nicely added in, I liked it all, every 2:37 seconds of it were joy to my ears!!

Michael425 responds:

thanks man, I'm glad you liked it that much.

:D !

Wow! the cello was really nice man! if you had used it some more I would be on the floor in a musicgasm

Michael425 responds:

Yeah, I might make a song with a lot of cello in it sometime real soon.

If you add me to your favorite artists, i'll let you know when i release it.



Michael425 responds:


Yo I know you will read it

So i gave a boring 10. It means I like it right. I simply follow society. Seriously though, It is a nice classic with few bells. It does not have enough beat to be top score but I guess it is darn hard to make one like that so I can t complain. Now something nice to say, I am downloading it now on my mp3. It means this melody will stay there forever since I am too lazy to delete anything.

Michael425 responds:

Yep i'm reading this.

Thank you for putting it on your MP3 player sir.

and Thanks for the Review.

Dear lord.

I think i shit myself after hearing this.
this is heavenly o.o
Amazing work, do another please.

Michael425 responds:

haha thanks.

will do.