Reviews for "{425} Invincible"

Pretty good

all together, i liked it.
it was nice and appealed to me.
but you need to work on those transitions :P
but this is definately really good and one of the better techno songs out there,
i tend to like techno to be more electronic,
but great job, keep it up
I enjoyed this song.

Michael425 responds:

I will definitely work on my transitions for my next song.

Thanks for the review man. It always helps to hear what people think.

great song

I 5's it :)

Yes rate this as a useless review...

i still 5'ed it :) good job.

Michael425 responds:

haha thank you mr RR.

good shit

i love any kind of techno but that shit is the bomb

Michael425 responds:

I'm glad you like my techno.

Remember to add me to your favorite artists list.

very good

i like it

Michael425 responds:

Thanks man.


Purley. Awesome.

Michael425 responds:

Thanks Sly Guy.