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Reviews for "Checkpoint... Done"

Good Job

Lol i always hated that damn 343 bot... nice job on the animation though. lol i suck at that game so much ... its not funny i'm on the last level of beginner and took me atleast a month to get there >_< always hated that damn bot though leading u right in the flood... didn't know why he did tat i thought he was gunna kill him but no he turned out to be very gay and tried to destroy us all ... BWAHAHAAAHAH good job lol :P


Man its hard passing dat level and even harder to pass halo 2
quarantine zone when u get d elevator fing on legendary.

i just finished that

It was the same for me and i HATED that level but what what about the senentaries sometimes stealing the ammo and guns (i used the shot gun too)

funny very true stuff

Every part of it was so true... all halo players had to have a kick out of it...


I have been wanting to blow 343 guilty spark out of the air for such a long time. ( and you did a good job on the rest of the movie also)