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Reviews for "Checkpoint... Done"


I lasted the game on legendary. not that hard..... Halo 2,3,odst even easier than the 1st
FWI the shotty is your only friend


this was impossible without the shotgun...theres going to be a achivment for doing the whole game on legendary by yourself in reach


First off I'm going to give you an 9 because the animations were pretty stiff and lifeless but you did get the message across pretty good. I remember that part all to well...Anyway shotgun rounds, if no one has told you yet, are round pellets unless its a slug in which case is a lump of metal. And the chances of all those pellets landing just where you want them, probably around 1/10000000.


Monitor: blah blah blah
other fav part
Fly :buzzzzz *hits Master Chiefs Helemet*
Master Chief : *splat*
Monitor: Ahem

I never played it on legendary..

People complain that halo 3 legendary is hard, what about the first halo? In halo 3, you melee em and they die. Halo:CE you gotta either put half of your mag into them or have a shotgun. You NEVER meleed the flood..else you'd end up another one of their infected, and the flood would win the war because they had master cheif. Anyway it was good, even though I never played that level on legendary, i found it hard to surrive on normal, much less heroic. So I can say that must've been REALLY hard for those legends who beat legendary.