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Reviews for "Software Piracy"

Good but..

I found myself falling asleep, better plot is needed

Holy hell

holy hell is that a long movie lol.. good tho.. keep it up,

is this crap? yes, I believe it is.

here we go again... crappy lock figures... well, it made little sense. graphical: utter crap. several 'drawings' floating around. there is no "real animation".
making lock movies is like taking the easy way out. making something with as little effort as possible.
the only nice looking things in there, were the guns. but of course, you just took them of a site and imported them.
humor, kiddy humor. how do you come up with this unoriginal crap?


most clock/lock movies are crap, but this one is an adequate exception to the stereotype mainly because you put an effort into it, and it didn't suck.

is it a peice of shit? YES

hey dude, i appreciate the time you put into this... but it plays about as well as a cracked version of final fantasy 8... without the soundfile updates! and software piracy is bad but FUN... just like fucking your mom was bad but FUN!!!