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Reviews for "Software Piracy"


Wow,How did u get those ideas?

is this crap? yes, I believe it is.

here we go again... crappy lock figures... well, it made little sense. graphical: utter crap. several 'drawings' floating around. there is no "real animation".
making lock movies is like taking the easy way out. making something with as little effort as possible.
the only nice looking things in there, were the guns. but of course, you just took them of a site and imported them.
humor, kiddy humor. how do you come up with this unoriginal crap?

Holy hell

holy hell is that a long movie lol.. good tho.. keep it up,

one great dang movie!

that was awesome dude! haha.
i think that this movie had a very inportant moral that i think will have installed a lot of fear into young society. i dont think i know anyone that has actually bought half of their software...
neways, onto the movie.
the graphics + animation were great - all locks looked great, and were animated in the same manner (great!) also, all of the backgrounds looked very nice.
ALSO, there were heaps of guns in the movie, all with great animation, and their own sound effects, hehe, the ads were a very funny idea!
sound was very good - overall, im glad that you used different tones of voices for all of the locks, it was a good way to understand who was speaking. also, the sound effects throughout the movie were excellent.
overall, this has got to be one of the best lock movies i've seen in an extremely long time. it was a very long movie, with a fantastic plot. the graphics, animation, voices and sound effects were all great. so well bloody done, a triumph.
overall score: 8/10
(THE THUMB: Very UP!!!!)

Gotta Love Those Clocks

- It was a good flash, however, it seemed to drag because the flash is about piracy and that didnt come into play until the very beginning and end. Other than that I enjoyed it.