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Reviews for "Software Piracy"

Not too shabby.

A pretty good narrative, considering. I figure it was worth the DL wait, even on my crappy 56k.


most clock/lock movies are crap, but this one is an adequate exception to the stereotype mainly because you put an effort into it, and it didn't suck.


I like the idea a lot. Clock and lock movies are generally good quality, although the voices are starting to piss me off a bit. Meh, I guess it wouldn't be the same without those annoying robotic voices though...


Tired of all the clocks and locks. This one actually had some good stuff in it, but it was too long and boring to be worth watching. You should put your time to better use by making a new series. That goes to all the people that make clocks, locks, muppets, etc. You obviously have some talent, but I really do not emjoy these movies. Please make your talents useful and make some other stuff.

it's okay

not much to see here, but it does get borin' and more borin' as it goes along if u understand me :P