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Reviews for "Software Piracy"


Nice one, cause i totally have a legit version of flash *SmugFace*

Really Good

The animation was really good, and so was the humor! Nice ending!

Excellent lock flash.

I really enjoyed this,amazing graphics and i loved the concept and it was funny as all hell too,i can tell that you put a lot of effort in this,excellent job! :D

You must have been working real hard on this.

I don't know if you can remember your mom telling you not to stay up so late. But it's definately worth it. Try drinking red bull or something like that to stay awake.

What I mean is: Great work!


What is a crack? And why did Shaglock get killed. It probably told why but I just couldn't understand the voices. The subtitles help but there were a lot of spelling errors. Good work on every thing else though.