Reviews for "8 Melodies; Mother/Earthbound"


A very nice arrangement of the 8 melodies. I don't feel as much nostalgia as the other commenters for I, like you, have only played this game on emulator; and the reason, I'm from the UK, where it was never released :(
But I digress. You've done a fine tribute to a fantastic tune. Well done.

Eperiod responds:

Thank you very much for your kind words. :)


if you played the game as a kid then you were lucky, it was one of those hidden gem games that dont get much press but ended up being one of the greatest games of all time (not just stated by me) and since it wasnt mainstream our parents didnt get it for us lol. this song was the most memorable in the whole game and came together better than the ballad of the wind fish in zelda: links awakening. and you hit the nail right on the head with this, well done. BTW, you cant really tell its a midi. then again that might just be me. great job

Eperiod responds:

Thanks. :D By "I used a midi" I mean i imported a midi, and looked at the notes so I could get it right. I couldn't get the ending for the life of me. X)

you take me back

I grew up with earthbound (lucky me :D) and i still remember this song and how it, with all due honesty, proves how much musical quality just overrides graphical quality. the graphics in that game were simple, sure, but who the hell cares when you dance to these songs while you sit on the couch just trying to play the game? I don't and that's why this is awesome! 10/10. time to eat a skip sandwich ;P

Eperiod responds:

I wish I grew up with EB. I didn't have an SNES...the one console I skipped. X(
I play it on emulator now, though. :D lol

I agree with what you say. Thanks for the review! :)


Very good. Played Earthbound (mother 2) and while trying to dwl the 8 melodies (Tear and smiles), heard the 5 first seconds of Mother1 's credit. Finally a good one.


Eperiod responds:

Thanks. :)


this was the best game on snes, and you made this game mellow, and peaceful just made me happy, and remebered all the good, and bad tragedies of this game

like the 8 melodies i love, and healing my teamates before dying, and the bad parts were when u had to wait in the waterfall for 3 minutes, and if u didnt do it u would have to start over, and the last part is teleportation... and i hate the most is