Reviews for "Norm & Skeet: "Ad-Lib""

i liked it!

a very nice little movie... hehe, i dont think i've ever heard anyone say the workd 'freak' as much as that guy did!! haha. so, what was that blue dude anyways? a muppet? lol.
well neways, the grahpics were ok. there wasnt really much animation at all.
but the guys voice was really good. it was quite clear, and most importantly, funny! so well done mate, a nice little movie... *superfreak... superfreak... she's super freakaayy yeeowww*
overall score: 6/10

1st responds:

Skeet (the blue dude), when we decided to make him we were just messing around with ideas. So, I came up with the idea of making Skeeter from the TV show Doug, only a really crappy and simple version. So, I tossed on some googly eyes and a muppet nose and that got Scott laughing the moment he first saw him, so it worked. Thanks for the upwards thumb!

he got what he deserved

that dude shouldve been killed. how many times was he gonna say the word freak. rick james at the end was a nice touch though. RIP rick.

1st responds:

Man, wouldn't it have been nice if "rick james at the end was a nice touch though" counted for something? I'm glad you at least understood the plot... a lot of movies get through the portal and can't even do that.


i like the whole adlibbing thing on the flash but the graphix and sound were a downfall.

1st responds:

Yea, we just wanted to make somthing quick and short (and a small file size to boot). I'm glad you liked the adlibbing. I was surprised that worked out. We'll have some much better quality stuff in the future. Check out our website if you don't believe us...

So mean!

It was great, but i felt so bad for the big blue guy. They human was so mean!

1st responds:

Yea.. damn human. Good thing Skeet smacked that bitch upside the head.


i added it to my favorites cuz i just liked it i guess. that sound had the speaker muffle but it was actually really funny. that's right freak. nice work.

1st responds:

That's awesome. We'll be making a lot more stuff to go up here. We just put up a website for the same reason (http://www.EmptyHead.tk). The mic we used sucked, it would pick up the slightest rattle.. and that thing rattled pretty damn good, everytime it moved the sound would clip and you'd get that muffled/banging noise.