Reviews for "One P3n0r 2 Rule Them All"


I have no earthly idea how you came up with the theory "If I put lots of dicks in a movie to make fun of this movie people will laugh"

If you don't like LF...why would you use his movie to attempt to make fun of him? And why the hell...would you do that to the movie...I mean come on.

piconjopwnsj00 responds:

my theory came from when j00 showed ur penor to ur girlfrend and she laughed at j00 so much she peed herself.
and what exactly do j00 want me to come on? urself probably.
much <3

haha picanjo flashes rule

animation is just way better than what i can do, even though those are like the same damn drawings as lf. but, inclosing...

picanjo > life > NG > Flash > people > me> you



Or Joseph Blanchette has multiple personnalities, or I don't understand.
It's quite funny, but I thought a parody has to be funnier as the original ¿ There's nothing new, but AN idea, in this movie.

And, am I wrong, or is it at 80% stolen flash ? (or I have missed something)

piconjopwnsj00 responds:

ur wrong. the only thing I stole was teh audio and I imported teh penor grafx from legendary frog's movie. there were plenty of penor graphics to ch00se from.
<3 j00


When you were creating his, you mustve been realy angry to LF... or drunk...

Well, you definately have talent.

GRAPHICS: 10 -Good job there.

SOUND: 10 -Very Clear, but how many of them were taken from LF's movies?

INTERACTIVITY: 1 -The play button.

STYLE: 7 -I'm still wondering what LF has done to deserve this. I thought you said you two were friends.

VIOLENCE: 7 -Not really any violence, but some of the images have scarred me for life.

HUMOUR: 9 -This is some pretty funny stuff. Keep up the good work.