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Reviews for "Across The Universe"


very enlightening. . . makes me think about the world and all that is around me


Man, that was one of the best, forget that, THE best flash movie I have seen on Newgrounds. The symbolism was phenomenal. The only word that describes it is awesome.


I *loved* the influences of Salvetore Dali, it was a real treat to see that much culture in a flash movie. I never saw the ending coming and it framed the whole thing perfectly.

Freaky but cool

I understand the dude's situation. That was some freaky stuff. Freaky cool. In other words, I liked it.


"oh wow...that made me cry and trip at the same time lol great movie man, very deep. It was perfect.
Who the hell does that song? (Not the Beatles one, the second one)"

Sleep by the dandy warhols.

This movie reminded me of one of my favorite movies, waking life. Great piece of work!