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Reviews for "Across The Universe"


Absolutely the best work I have seen. Great job. Never stop doing flash.

A work of art.

Wow. This is amazing. My favorite movie to date, its very deep.

Please, please, please, please keep on making more great movies like this one.


Is this guy like the picaso of flash, Ive been watching flashes for a long time and I thought it was all fun and games till I watched this flash. This was meaningful and now I beleive flash can be an artform. Wow is all I gota say this flash is very deep and makes you think for a long time. It is very abstract, but whats beautiful about abstract is you can do anything your mind sees. If you dont get the flash than watch it again and think about what hes tryin to get across. The way I see it is he sees all the beauty he could have had, but hes to late and he threw it all away. So he chooses to die alone and alone forever he will be. I think this flash will be around for a long time.

Dude that was amazing like wow i cant explan it

Dude that was amazing like wow i cant explan it
i dont know what to say


Nothing I have seen has been better then this... it really hits home in a way. I can't say anything more then thats beautiful, and thank you for making such a great flash