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Reviews for "Across The Universe"

I found it intriguing..

As interesting as it was,
I still felt like it was spelled out quite a bit.
The last scene almost told too much in a way.
I understand from the artist's written interpretation under the comments.
But I feel everyone including myself can come to their own conclusion.
The author need not make something as symbolism drenched as this
and not expect everyone to form an opinion of what the imagery was to them.
Representation is in the eye of whoever chooses to see it.
Anyone and everyone can interpret a work how they feel.
I find a meaning in all the imagery and I find it wonderful work.
It may look slightly dated now but I imagine it was one of the best flashes then.
It has held up really well despite the new artistic blood pumping in Newgrounds.
I hope others see this and come to their own personal views and ideas.

marciano responds:

i like your comment thank you . whats writen under Author Comments are not my words that is a comment someone left i liked it very much thats why it is where it is . i woldnt explain a movie like this it wold be like a comedian explaning hes jokes . what this images might bring to your head its there for you only ykwim? any way thanx for the comment gonna hit the bong now bha by

Nice one.

I Really love this movie. It's so psychedelic.
"and what was the name of the song that came on after across the universe" [²].

hmm sad

i do get it a bit depressing and what was the name of the song that came on after across the universe


My brain hurts now.

By as you can tell by the stars I really like it. I couldn't stop watching it.


I don't know what to say....