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Reviews for "Across The Universe"


This movie has always been a personal favorite for me for the longest time. It's really difficult to say how really amazing this movie is and how complex it really makes a person feel when they watch it. Between the song Sleep by The Dandy Warhols and the imagery that you show it really produces a mix array of images like a dream. From start to end you always are intrigued by the adventure the protagonist until you see how he meets his real end.

It's still one of the most amazing movie I've seen on this site and this is one of my personal favorites. Thank you for making it and sharing it.

Goddamn beautiful.

I can totally see how this is across the universe. Not just because of The Beatles song.
First of all, I wrote down the little graphic tricks I liked along the animation:
- how the roof broke and how he moved through it
- the way he was kind of 'rolling' on his way to the roof
- how the cross built up of blocks
- the x wound growing
- his hair's motion as he stood on the train
- the yellow color as he fell into the water, it's so eerie
- and the blue as the bubbles escape his mouth

Now, the song was absolutely beautiful and fit the animation in every way (although at first I didn't realize it when he sang about sleeping forever). What song is it and by whom?

The symbolic imagery was great, I'm glad Crartonis elaborated on some of it, it's helpful.
To be honest, I did not expect the ending at all, and it was beautiful, and I was taken aback.
I should have found this loooong ago.


One of the most wonderful and trippy flashes I've seen yet! The train scene was awesome.

No words....

Just simpy amazing....


This is, quite honestly, my absolute favorite submission on Newgrounds. It's just beautiful. The music and animation go so well together. (Which I know is a stupid comment, because I'm sure that was the intention of the person who created this, but that's okay. :D)