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Reviews for "Across The Universe"

I think I get it...

At first, I didn't like that he committed suicide at the end, but now that I think of it, the train that he road towards the afterlife would've been too good for him, since he took his life before his time. That's why he was sentence to a more lonesome death, as the bottom of a sea, all alone.
It was all beautiful.


HOLY SHIT! It's frickin awesome!


It's great how you went and included a description of the metaphors in your author's comments. This was impressive from just the abstract art painting shown in the beginning. I have always been a fan of abstract art and this perfectly shows an abstract art painting in the form of a moving cartoon. It's great that you use this awesome song and get the syncing just right. The fact that the animation is simply flawless makes it even better. It is easily the best thing you have submitted here and I hope you make more like it.


I loved this, one of my favorite things on New Grounds. Plus what a great soundtrack.

wow amazing

its was very trippy and vivid or darkish it had a great sound track to i cant figure ou wat the main menu song is would some one please tel me wat song it was