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Reviews for "Across The Universe"

very good stuff

i thought it was a great movie so keep up the good work

OMG I found sustenance at last, woe to mundania

Oh god. It's been quite a while since I've seen quality symbolic storytelling like this. You rank right up there with Rene Laloux's 'Fantastic Planet' and his 'Light Years/Gandahar'. I am sure there are others, but I fail to remember them, unfortunately.

Wow. I hope you got/continue to get kudos for this. It is far too good not to be adequately recognized, as far as I am concerned.


This is definately one of the most poetic flash movies I have ever seen. Symbolic in so many ways. However I didn't exactly get any message. Obviously I'm not seeing something you are. Overall the thing made no fuckin' sense, but to me, it told many other messages within its symbolism. Though extremely strange, it is oddly captivating. Your art is very exceptional. Nice and detailed, and smooth. In my honest opinon, I thought this was alright. However I had to give it a ten for its stunning visual poetry. Very nice, keep it up


I love the entire video because it's so tragic but beautiful. I just wish you didn't explain the symbolism in your comment, because it sort of something you'd rather see in the video. It's all interpretation really

I'm called Xavier too :P

that aside I am fairly intellectual im sure given the rarity of our name you can understand my surprise, anyway I love this feel it has a great dream like feel