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Reviews for "Across The Universe"

I Love you

wow i love you now that is a really beautiful movie it had so much meaning to it..... geez i really connected with it i hope this isnt going to be your last flash.... i really hope its not going to be because so far i love your work


this is some seriously trippy stoner shit!

Damn man........

That was freakin awesome and it's the Flash like this that gives Newgrounds ALOT of props. Bloody well done. I feel like I could definetly watch that everyday and never get tired of it. Best of luck to you with future Flash my friend.

yeah i'm sorry

definatly a beautiful beautiful animation, but serouisouly i didnt see anything but some sort of stylish self loathing in it. and i dont really think that's that cool, suicide is not really all that aweosme, and next time you Try to make something so Deep, fill it with things you feel, not just symbols you think are associated with feeling.....ummm, no offence, definlty brilliant but maybe try and hand at print making and come back to story telling later

But once you watch it a second time...

The first time one watches this...it's just streaming...disconected harmony and motion. The symbols are there, but they don't fit together right.
But once you watch it a second time, the sheer glory and promotions of the certain themes all fit together...it a smooth and beautiful way I never thought possible.
This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to come back to Newgrounds.