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Reviews for "Across The Universe"

Truely A Work of Art!!!

Even without reading your comment, I got all the symbolism....It was a powerful movie, with a powerful message and very hardcore concepts....I loved it completely but have only one question.....why and who was Mazinger Z fighting after the birds dropped the man? (Mazinger being the red and blue robot in the background) That was the only piece of symbolism I couldn't interpret....maybe it was the battle of earth's annihilation? at any rate...I really enjoyed this piece!


truly amazing. incredible film.


Your animation and drawing skills, honestly, need some practice and time to develop, but as far as artistic vision and using what you know to carve out a meaning, you do exceptionally! I enjoyed watching this. I hope you continue to create and work to surpass yourself. ^^

nice conclution!

wow thatá amaizing, how the world its ashes, and the life it will better without you!


At first I thought that the guy was stoned on shrooms or LSD. But then the end came and I was like oooooooooooooh! He was dead! Really good! Thank you for making this! Seriously this is a stoner video!