Reviews for "NGBG: Amrak vs Fanboy p.2"


u got ur damn w00tage... good job

PiGPEN responds:

awwwwww yeahhhhhh...i love my w00tage.
*Does little dance and moonwalks away*

Not as good as the first

The first one was much more entertaining but they both are very good. So this 10 is for both combined. Definatley going to make the front page.


If I could give it higher than a 5 I would if not just for the Bill Gates Hitler scene

got but 1st wa better

no wear near the first but still awsome in part 3 there should be more fanboy transformations there wicked and just straigth up action oh and fanboy should win he is cooler more original and well as i said in my review for the first one he rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the best the best the BEST!

respond now or this gets BLAMMED!
i'll give you 2 minutes!
time is ticking!!!!!!!!!!!!

PiGPEN responds:

teh ummmmmmm.?.?
princess ruka?