Reviews for "NGBG: Amrak vs Fanboy p.2"

total and complete crap

bullshit i mean really i no you can do better ive seen it

PiGPEN responds:

God i love it when fans of new animations of mine go and see my old stuff and diss me for it!
This is the animation where i really learnt how TO ANIMATE...you can actually see me getting better as it progresses. Its Awesomeness.
Like it or lump it.

Decent follow up to the blockbuster first.

The first major thing I will point out is the theme to the Green Hornet TV show. Old old TV show that gave Bruce Lee a good foot hold in the US TV. The show is currently airing on Action Network witch I belive is part of the Stars Package for dish or cable TV.

That being an interesting incert, this movie dosn't quite hit the style or quality of the fist movie, but it makes a decent continuation. But other than a few memorable music tracks, the sound track and the music to fit the action dosn't bring it like the first epp. But even a colt python pales in comparason when tank came rolling through.


Much fiven was had

Pure brilliance.

Artistically supreme. Beautiful. I thought that it was great. Much better than the first. It was better artistically handled.

PiGPEN responds:

*whispering*good going...just dont tell em we know each other k?*/whispering*


Long, and hard. What a waste of my time. The first one owned this one so bad you should really just stop making flash. It's just sad how bad this battle was.