Reviews for "Anitomica Returns"


go sticks! these things r awesome, they'll never get boring!


was cool

That made me remeber the Good old days

I'm speaking of when stick fight was new. That was one of thebest flash I have ever seen. The animation had a very good flow to it, and parts of it kind of sense.

Some of the best stick animation I've seen

Shit I think I summed it up already.

Never heard of Anitomica

I am glad this won Review Crew Pick, even if it did not get as many views as it deserves. I could obviously say the more standard things about how this is a great way of showing different people's work, and I guess I just did. What is particularly fascinating to me is how you guys manage to show so much style even though it is just stick figures. Some parts have more blood, some have monsters, and some really have different design in the stick bodies themselves. I guess my favorite would be Thuri's part, because that was the most creative. Everyone just brings so much depth to everything!