Reviews for "Anitomica Returns"


loved it, show clearly how several creative minds together can produce a great flash.

An amazing slide show of animations.

It was something very significant for you to send this movie to this site, seeing as you've just showed many users that stick movies can be interesting and fantastic if they're made with a large production and some spontanious talent.
The graphics were incredible, with a huge lack of creativity, and the fights, colors, and random events worked really well as the punchline of the film followed along. The music was good, but who was it by? I'm not sure. But all I know is that it combined with the film. And the style was intense, but none other the less creative.
Keep up the work!

very good

very nice artwork and i rate u a 5 for that!

oh man O MAN!

im so ashamed...i diddnt know my part were to be used... i made it in like...30 min..ah well.. shit happens. sorry


awesome animation, i loved how u guys seamlessly integrated the different animations. im puttin this on my favorites. great work.