Reviews for "Anitomica Returns"

awesome-ness abounds.

freakin incredible.

one question though...what's the song?

OMG awesome!!!

D3vilsheep, u r a god 2 me. Great original storyline with great graphics and music. I liked the eye colour thing, so i knew hu was hu :D Overall great plz continue it plz!!!

Best Colab

I gotta say, this was my favorite collaboration of extremely talented artists....if you liked this one, check out the mad world collab, they are the two best collabs out there.

random but AWSOME!!!!

that just adds more to my favorites of your anemes. but seriously, you should make hour movies and put them on here!!!


Now _that_ was some fine animation! Totally pointless violence, but it was _so_ well-done, it was worth every second of the download. Lots of good material for those interested in studying flash technique. :-)