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Reviews for "Millionaire: LOTR Vol. 2"

good great grand wonderful

Nice interactivity. I took it and won a million whatevers on the first try without any lifelines. Nice range from easy to difficult too. Can't wait for more!


I will go easier on this one. I know the questions are supposed to be LOTR based ( which I know nothing about ) so I will review you based on your content.

You flash skills are obviously great. You have perfected the millionaire game much better than anyone else I have seen on NG. I'm also glad to see you fixed the "ask the audience" button problem you had last time. The sounds were nearly faultless, I would only say that the intro music did not match atall to the ingame music.

Great work once again! please keep them coming!

Nice work!

I liked the difficulty of the questions...but maybe you could give us a little more of a gradient next time...

It was fun to play, but seriously, I know almost nothing about that series. I guess I'll have to read more!


This one was quite brutal!!! I even pulled out the DVD's to check an answer or two! Again, great questions and the create-a-character addition was super nifty and innovative. : ) There was only ONE sorta-problem with one of the questions: In the book at Helm's Deep, NO ONE dies. . .well, none of the people that you listed anyways. The elves don't even show up to help Rohan in the fight-however I am under the impression that this game is based on the movies, which more people are familar with. Impressive job, keep 'em coming!! : D


WoW thanks, you listened to my suggestion to let players customize a character before playing =) Only, you can't actually see the pants while playing?

Again you should consider randomizing the questions from a possible pool of questions instead of presenting the same ones each time.