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Reviews for "Millionaire: LOTR Vol. 2"

very good game

Thanks for this game, WWTBAM is my favourite quiz. This is bit of better then first version, there was unlimited lifelines.

Not bad.

My knowledge of the books betrayed me, though... haldir didn't die at helms deep in the books, he didn't even go. still, thats just my own forgetfulness :)


Alright. One million dollars, first go. Although that last question just made me stop and question the whole thing for a bit. Seriously. Although I can understand how some people get confused between Merry and Pippin, so here's my personal secret for remembering: Pippin's ghey singing at Gondor. It's a brilliant scene, but you must admit he looks like he's on Pop Idol. Anyway, wonderful quiz, loved the questions. I was surprised I remembered the name of the river - obscure reference, but quite cool.


I love LOTR(lord of the Rings) so the questions were really easy most of the time there was 3 or 4 that got mebut the million dollar question was really really really really easy but was funny.

Pretty cool

I like the ending. 'Twas quite a funny tater.