Reviews for "Pimp My Warthog 3"

It was......not bad.

Cool to be able to pimp your warthog. but... =( it wasn't all that spiffy.
I didn't enjoy it all that much.
o.o just a few clicks here and there.
And was that supposed to be blood all over the tires?
=( you gotta work on ur graphics a lil bit harder.
Like, the neon lights. =\ that was a lil odd.

o.o anywho, it wasn't too bad. I've seen alot worse than this. o.o


friggin hilarious! ive always wanted to pimp the warthog on halo. make a pimp my ghost.


dude this is waste of my time but although it was a nice graphic, and it need some more stuff like make it into a hot import cars or something make it do more stuff..

its ok

its ok but im not a big fan of halo i sue to...


whats the mystery weapon? and how do you get it??