Reviews for "Pimp My Warthog 3"

Better than your others

Good job. Thanks for letting us change the color of the neon light!
Maybe you should start making a "Pimp my Ghost", "Pimp my Scorpion", and "Pimp my Banshee"!
Good luck!

PODmedia responds:

Good idea ;).. Ill think about that!!

Awww snap dawg!

Ah be all up on dis shit yo! I gats me da red headlights, and the white masta cheef. and HOLY FUCKING SHIT CUSTOMIZABLE SIDE SKIRT?? GET THE FUCK OUT. I mean I was expecting a fun game with options worth choosing, but damn that customizable side skirt just blew me away.

10/10 points for customizable side skirts.


this game is so good the word has not even been invented for how good this was


it was awsome im a huge halo fan so this is cool for me

lol love it

cool play it all the time