Reviews for "Pimp My Warthog 3"

not really

halo is fun but that isnt

Not good...

Just boring

don't like it one bit

use better body kits an decals....an put alloys on

ummm... a suggestion...

hey man, you've got a great idea going for you here, but the delivery looks like something my kid brother slopped together. No offense, but you might wanna try a couple of things:

1.) better artwork, the blood and stuff looks like it came right outta MSPaint.

2.) BG music, if nothing else, it'll help the overall effect

3.) maybe some sort of easter eggs, like unlockable vehicles to trick out, maybe other HALO vehicles, even.

Point: good idea, GREAT idea, baaaaaad delivery.


i hated this...i mean yea it was kinda cool but it was stupid...i mean not much creativity for this