Reviews for "Pimp My Warthog 3"

Better than your others

Good job. Thanks for letting us change the color of the neon light!
Maybe you should start making a "Pimp my Ghost", "Pimp my Scorpion", and "Pimp my Banshee"!
Good luck!

PODmedia responds:

Good idea ;).. Ill think about that!!


Better than most customize-your-whatever games, especially because it involved one of the very few good games on XBox, Halo. All it was missing was some music

This is not bad...

Hey, why can't you just update your other Pimp My Warthogs instead of submitting new versions? But either way this will pass judgement for this is some good flash you have going. Keep it up!

~*Vote given: 3*~

PODmedia responds:

I dont see the point in updating each version. People dont notice it that much!

alt+prt Scrn

Yes I and everyone should take a screenshot of this game. nice dug to I think the type a text should be in the bg. ri rambkle.


Hmm i like the sticker at the top lol.