Reviews for "Pimp My Warthog 3"

Sweeet...what else?

Hey, I like dit, it's pretty sweet ass. Um, what else can you do? Can you race or something, or just drees up the warthog? Well in any case, sweet flash man. :D

PODmedia responds:

Just pimp her up, thats all at the moment... Im thinking about the pimp your up series coming alive. Should I?


I love Halo, who doesn't. That little game thing is pretty fun. You can get some really neat combinations out of it too. That makes for a jolly good time.

PODmedia responds:

Jolly good game...


what can i say, i pimped my wathog lol

PODmedia responds:

Congratulations... want a metal? Want to show it to people?

nothing too new or interesting

i'm not a fan of dressup games and i havent played halo... good graphics, but boring

PODmedia responds:

Ok... thanks for the feedback, its a customizable game just for the record.

I knew you could do it....

Intially I am proud of you, great work, I hope this one stays in newgrounds histroy.

PODmedia responds:

Me 2!